We are very sorry to announce that we have been left with no alternative but to cancel the planned Seend Acoustic Festival on 6th/ 7th September 2013.

We appreciate that the Festival is only ten days away, and that this might seem like very short notice.  However, this is simply an indication of how very hard we have been working to advertise and promote the Festival.  We wanted to give ourselves every opportunity that we possibly could to increase ticket sales and, whilst there has been tremendous interest shown, the fact is that not enough people have been converting their interest into actually buying tickets.  The bottom-line result is that the Festival will not be financially viable.  If it were down to ourselves alone, as  private promoters, it might have been possible to simply accept a loss and to go ahead in any case.  However, this event has always been a community venture (any profits would have been for Seend Community Centre, who were underwriting the Festival), and we simply cannot afford to play hardball with somebody else’s money. We are sure that you will understand this position.

Let us assure you that no matter how disappointed you might be about this news, it cannot begin to approach the depth of regret which the Festival team are now experiencing.  We have been working our socks off for most of 2013 to make this event a success, and it is a fairly devastating feeling to have finally failed at this very late stage.


We will now be working to ensure that we fully refund those people who bought tickets.  Please bear with us – this may take us a few days, but we will aim to complete this task as soon as possible.  There is no need to contact us immediately – we have most people’s contact details.  Refunds will partly depend upon the method by which you originally paid for your tickets.  If you recently paid by Paypal you may have already received a refund but that system will only let us go back so far so any that we can’t refund that way will receive a cheque in the post. Those who paid by cheque or cash will be repaid by cheque.  If for any reason you have not received your refund by 9th September 2013, please contact Malcolm via the contact page on here, or on 01380 828660, and he will ensure that it is sorted out as quickly as possible.

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